Who do you think you are?

I was excited, I’d taken a step into the unknown, I had said yes and taken a leap of faith.

I had responded to an email asking for volunteers to write a book review for the Who Do You Think You Are? magazine entitled Hebden Bridge – A Sense of Belonging by Paul Barker.

When I received the email saying that my kind offer had been accepted I immediately regretted sticking my head above the parapet but there was no going back, the step had been taken.

I sat down to read the book and the pressure built – I could not think; I found that I could not absorb any of the detail – I was constantly trying to analyse.

The hardest part was starting my 250 word review but after a while the words came easily – you’d be surprised how quickly the words mount up.

Barker’s description of Lumb Falls, I found particularly interesting, as it features in Ted’s photo collection and through Barker’s description, colour and atmosphere was brought to life.

“… the cool stream, Crimsworth Dean beck, tippling over rock in a graceful cascade.  This is Lumb Falls.  The water creates a pool deep enough to swim in, but only wide enough for a few strokes.  Green ferns and dark moss line the cascade.  A thin stone bridge crosses the stream at the head of the waterfull …”

“… a place for picnics … a place of memories…”

Lumb Falls also provides the back drop to ‘Six Young Men’ by Ted Hughes; his poem a poignant reminder of the futility of war and the fragility of life.

I am glad I took the leap and I would definitely review again.  Go on …. jump …


24 May, 2012. Family History. Leave a comment.

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