It’s almost as though I was there …

Firstly, I’m sorry I’ve not posted for a while only I’ve been a little busy what with one thing and another.

Mainly my spare time has been taken up scanning, sorting, arranging and finally mounting my wonderful mother-in-law’s many photos.  During this process I have been able to immerse myself in the young lives of the Vernon family – not in a stalking type of way you understand but in an almost split screen version of life.

These thoughts hadn’t really formed fully in my mind – they’d drifted in and out like the remembrances of a pleasant but shadowy dream – until last Saturday night whilst I was sharing a rather lovely evening at the local Indian restaurant: The Naaz with Darren, Chris, Caron, Deb, Dave, Neil and their respective partners as a consolation prize for not going to the 60’s night at The Grand Hotel, Scarborough – the snow was to blame!

As the drink flowed and the food was finished so began a rather lively conversation between Chris, Alan, Darren and Dave who were recounting the events of a family wedding in 1975 and whether or not Neil had worn his school blazer to this wedding or another one.

The photos began to pop into my mind, the dress; the flowers; the guests – some of whom I never had the pleasure of meeting – all were there large as life – a little like one of those Harry Potter photo in my mind.

It’s almost as though I was there; a bystander in the events of my husband’s early life.

The conversation quickly moved to the reception – now I could see the couple cutting the cake; Viv enjoying a fag, Deb in her long purple dress.  Darren remembered the traumatic event of his Auntie Viv loudly proclaiming this to the rest of the guests that he’d started his starter before the speaches.

Now I know that it’s not always the case that fighting breaks out at wedding receptions (we didn’t have one at ours, as far as I know!) but, this particular wedding featured a spectacular one with gatecrashers!  Of course, there are no photos of this (pheweeee).  I’m surprised really; Darren was always taking photos even then.  The finer details of who did what to whom was enjoyed once again but all were unanimous in who had finished it – Dad.

It’s strange to think that I was 6 years old and was probably playing in the house with Mary Jane and Tiny Tears, unaware that my future husband was suited and booted and enjoying a rather eventful wedding and reception down at St. Augustine’s Church and Armstrong Hall half a mile away.

The family talk and I see – its rather nice.

Dot’s family photos span more than half a century and show a growing Vernon family who enjoy nothing better than their own company – the wedding in 1975 and the evening in 2010 were no exception.



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