Always learning, well mainly …

In my relatively short career I’ve had a fairly easy time, of it.  Yes I’ve come across the old puzzle – why have half of Hannah Gill’s children got Roadhouse as their surname and the other half got Gill?  This became increasingly confusing because alternatively they were Gill and Roadhouse.

Well that was easy to sort out!  Hannah’s husband Joseph Roadhouse was at times ‘absent’ and Hannah seems to have had another fella on the side William Gill!  Then Joseph just seems to fallen off the face of the earth and can I heck as like find him after the death of William Gill – I’m sure they are not the same person.  Are they?

That’s why I love blogging as I’m writing I’m thinking of other avenues which I’ve not considered before, always learning.

It was thanks to a very helpful vicar who seems to have taken great joy in annotating the margins of his parish registers that the above Roadhouse/Gill saga was explained without the need for some serious imaginative thinking.

I have got one puzzle that I have absolutely no idea how to resolve, so would welcome any helpful suggestions that you, web world may have to offer.  My direct ancestor Peter Dillon was born in Dublin in approximately 1809 and at some point before he was 45 travelled to England.  The first time I find him in England is when he marries his second wife Annis Wallace in 1854 in Kendal.  So for a start somewhere out there in the past, Peter has a wife and possibly other children, we are his ‘second’ family.

Now my Great Aunt Nan said in her fabulous video that he came over from Ireland for work but where did he go?  Who did he work for?  His occupation was carpenter so he was skilled, did he work for a large family, where does Scotland come into it, because I’m sure Nan mentions Scotland – I really must get that video put onto DVD.

In next to no time Peter and Annis moved down south and settled in Plumstead, Kent.  I have all the official records from then on, but I just cannot find him before 1854 – what do I do?

I’ve posted on rootsweb for any help that can be suggested by the wonderful Dublin researchers but so far nothing.

I searched until I could think of no other avenue – the good old web; ancestry and findmypast but to no avail – it’s the same with Joseph R.

Help can someone please help?  My learning curve has stopped and I’m stuck with nowhere to go!



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  1. Hazel replied:

    Although I do not have English ancestors I would think you may have to deeper into the parish records in Kendal. When did he join that church , was there an influx of other Irish people in the parish. perhaps they were all working on the same project eg railways or creating a reservoir. You may be able to trace them back and if they were else where perhaps he was with them.There is also the 1851 census try free census from Rootsweb first. Was Annis from a Kendal family or had she Irish connections.
    Not a direction per say but a few questiosn to ask yourself.


    • familypast replied:

      Hi Hazel – thanks very much for your thoughts and ideas, they are much appreciated. I will be following them up.


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