Kids …

Kids they make can make you laugh, they can make you cry and heavens knows if it wasn’t for them then family history would certainly be well, none existent!!!

I find that I’m not like other Mums I don’t constantly gush about my children’s achievements but, well, yesterday I just couldn’t help it.

I don’t normally read the local paper whilst sat at my desk; but my colleague asked if I’d like to have a quick look before it went into the black hole of the staff room.   My only reason for normally flicking through the Chad is to check out the obituaries and weddings; but then I saw it.

My eldest son Tom has recently entered the Chad Young Photographer of the Year competition and there it was, his picture short listed!  I was absolutely over the moon!

I tried to contact Tom but as I was informed by my youngest son he was still in bed … tut! Teenagers how do they manage to sleep for so long?

I went around showing my colleagues and would have gone out and shown the entire district if I’d had time, now I’m sharing it with you.

It is an achievement in itself to be short listed, if he goes on to win then that’s the icing on the cake, but for me the boost to his inner belief is more valuable.

Well done Tom, long may your success continue.

Just in case you’d like see it well here it is:


2 September, 2010. Family History.

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