Not always in the Past …

Family history for me is not about the dim and distant past but more often than not its about the here and now – tomorrow, today is the past.

I look back at our wedding photos and video and see the people that joined us on that happy day.   I was lucky, many of my elderly and not so elderly relatives were still with us back then – 19 years is not that long ago.

As a family historian I was absolutely thrilled to discover that a cine film existed of my parents wedding day, to see them and their immediate families moving and smiling is wonderful.  The film then moves forward 6 years and shows my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding; myself and my cousin are now part of this past.  For me the most poignant scene is myself and my brother handing over the wedding ‘charm’.  Tomorrow would be his big day!

The film then moves to my 3rd birthday, again my brother and I are together, captured forever!  My brother is no longer with us and that small moment of moving film is wonderful.

Talking of cine films we have been enjoying a great programme on Friday evenings whilst enjoying a glass of something smooth!  BBC2’s  Home Movie Roadshow hosted by Dan Cruickshank and Kirsty Wark is a great chance to sit back and enjoy 100 years of ordinary British peoples lives filmed on home movie cameras.   The programme’s producers appealed to people to send in their favourite pieces of home movie footage.  The team then took to the road in a specially constructed ‘cinebus’ to discover the personal stories behind the films.

The programmes so far have enabled us to share possibly the first wedding video shot in 1905 on the Isle of Bute and the intimate home movies of the late Spike Milligan.  Joining the show are the experts Robin Baker and Binny Baker who help to explain the footage.

So I collect, I record and talk to people about their memories.  As I write I’m wondering if my other Aunt and Uncle have any cine film they might consider having put onto DVD – mmmm I feel an email coming on!  So I continue to ‘encourage’ my husband to carry his camera around at family events – not that he needs much encouragement, and if I’m lucky we might even get out the video camera and capture those living, laughter filled moments of our family life.

In 100 years time I and my family will be the past.



25 August, 2010. Family History.


  1. helen dillon replied:

    Wow what a lovely film of you and your brther xxxx Good luck with the blog xxxx


  2. Jo Beaufoix replied:

    Lou that was so lovely to see. I always knew about your brother but never saw a picture of him. What a sweetheart, and you look so pleased to be holding him. Is it weird that her reminded me of our V?

    Hugs. x


  3. Jo Beaufoix replied:

    Or even that HE reminded me of our V? Derrrrr.


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