Family Jigsaws

We’ve all had them – that one piece of the puzzle that you need to make the connection. Charles Coles is my missing link in the Star family – not because he is one of my ‘Stars’ but because he is mentioned in the 1843 will of Henry Star, my 5x great-uncle.

Henry’s children had been left legacies in the will of Charles Coles but unfortunately these children had all predeceased Henry as had his wife Elizabeth – so Charles left everything to his nephew Thomas Clark Star and his great-nephew Thomas Star.

Both of the above Thomas’ are my ancestors and try as I might I can not locate Charles’ will.

I know that finding an original Somerset is unlikely at the best of times given that most of the county’s probate records before 1858 were destroyed in Exeter by German bombing in 1942 and even although many of the will copies have survived in various record offices and private collections I still cannot find a thing.  I must admit I’ve not yet had chance to view Sir Mervyn Medlycott’s Somerset Wills Index: Printed & Manuscript Copies (1993) – so if there’s anyone out there … … …

I’ve recently been helped greatly in my quest by Pat Hase who although has not been able to find Charles’ will she had made a possible link between Henry Star and Charles Coles – something I just haven’t been able to do – it just shows you, if you can step away and view things remotely the answer could just be around the corner – much like a jigsaw.

Anyway, I’m one step closer to the whole picture thanks to Pat – Henry’s children could well have been Charles Coles’ grandchildren, given that Charles Coles daughter Mary married a George Simons or Symons and that an Elizabeth Symonds married Henry Star, this theory at least would satisfy the question – What’s the connection?

I must also say that the site is great.  You can search their wills and document holdings on-line and they also offer a very reasonable document copying service, if, like me, you live quite a distance away.  All in all if you’ve ancestors from Somerset I would say that they would be well worth a visit.



16 August, 2010. Tags: , . Family History.


  1. Alex Coles replied:

    Hi Louise and welcome to geneablogging! Alas, I don’t have a Charles in my COLES lot, but I was excited to see you mention the surname.


  2. familypast replied:

    Thanks for your post Alex, I’m also sorry to hear that Charles is not one of your Coles.


  3. Jo Beaufoix replied:

    Ahhhh Lou, I hope you find the piece you’re looking for, although then I know you will move on to the next. I love what you’re doing chick. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. 😀


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